2024 Annual General Meeting

July 13th, 2024 | 9:30-3pm EST | Indianapolis Suzuki Academy

We are thrilled to meet at the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy for the 2024 Annual General Meeting! Those unable to attend are welcome to join via Zoom.

Please see below for general information and to sign up for the meeting and workshop. Once you have completed your registration and/or membership form, please be sure to complete your registration with payment through our Donate button.

General Schedule (All times are Eastern)

9:30-10am: Arrival and Social Time
10-11:30am: Annual General Meeting
11:30-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Workshop/Talk with Jennifer Roig-Francolí

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Morning Information: Annual General Meeting

What: We conduct important business at this meeting and your voice and input is a valuable part of the discussion
Who: All SAI Members are strongly encouraged to attend; This is for members only
Time: 9-11:30am CST
Cost: $0
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Afternoon: Jennifer Roig-Francolí

What: Jennifer Roig-Francolí (Workshop description below)
Who: Open to anyone who wishes to attend (both SAI and non-SAI members are welcome)
Time: 1-3pm EST
Cost: $15 (for both members and non-members)
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Join The Art of Freedom® coach, bestselling author, professional violinist, and Primal AlexanderTM Technique teacher in this transformative 2-hour workshop designed specifically for Suzuki teachers and parents. As the daughter of a Suzuki cello teacher and a former student of Dr. Suzuki himself, Jennifer Roig-Francolí brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of the challenges faced by teachers, parents, and students in the Suzuki community.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn the importance of heightened mind-body awareness in practicing self-care to bring your best self to your role as a teacher or parent, and how the regular practice of simple Primal AlexanderTM Awareness Etudes can help you achieve this goal. By focusing on cultivating curiosity, noticing ease within the body, and calming the nervous system, you’ll discover how to release unnecessary tension and relax the mind. This approach not only benefits your overall well-being but also directly impacts your ability to support your child’s learning and progress.

Ms. Roig-Francolí will guide you through practical techniques and strategies you can
immediately incorporate into your daily life and teaching practice. You will gain valuable insights into how excess tension can hinder musical technique, contribute to performance anxiety, and potentially lead to pain in the future. In addition, you’ll learn new ways to develop your awareness and the ability to coordinate mind and body for more fluid movements, ultimately enhancing both practice and performance skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself, your teaching, and your child’s musical journey by learning about The Art of Freedom® Method and touch-free Primal AlexanderTM Technique. Join us for this enlightening workshop and take the first step towards bringing more presence, ease, and joy to your role as a Suzuki teacher or parent.