Coffee Hours 2023

Join us for the 2022-23 series of Teacher (& Parent) Coffee Hours

All meetings on Zoom, except for Annual Meeting July 8th, 2023

Sunday January 29th, 2023, 8ET/7CT PM

Françoise Pierredon, “Embracing Suzuki Parents”

As Suzuki teachers, we have learned how to embrace children, help them with their
challenges and support their strengths. We often however find ourselves struggling with their “Suzuki parent”, having difficulty managing our expectations and our frustrations. How can we become as supportive to them as we are to the children? How do we make room for them without becoming judgmental? Are they “co-teachers” or students? How can we find ourselves looking forward to seeing them as much as we look forward to seeing the children? We will explore these questions together and start looking for ways to grow. Francoise Pierredon has been working over the years with many caregivers both as a Suzuki teacher and as a child psychotherapist and will be honored to address these questions with you.